Quality Policy

Quality Policy of ARcrescent governs each website, mobile site, application, tool and other services, regardless of their distribution, broadcasting or publishing provided by ARcrescent. Our quality policy binds all those, who access or visit the website, whether they are acting as individual or any kind of digital engines that harvest, crawl, scrap or index by manual or automated process.

We generally collect personally identifiable information with your approval and specific knowledge. For example, when you complete a survey, fill out a form, subscribe to any of our services or set up an account to access certain services of the website. You may provide a credit, or debit card number, or other payment information such, as your name, email, telephone number, street address, age, gender and other personal identifiable information. All such information shall be referred as your "Registration Information". If you have any questions about any portion of this policy, please contact our Quality Policy Coordinator.

Quality Policy Coordinator
UGF - A106, Parsvnath Manhattan Mall, Sector 20A
Faridabad, Haryana, India - 121002



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