Google Disavow Links Tool Ultimate Guide For Unnatural Links

  1. By:Abu Aslad
  2. Published: November 10, 2017
  3. Updated: November 10, 2017
Google Disavow Tool

Google disavow tool most awaiting tool for webmasters after Google penguin update. Basically, this tool has become a life-saving tonic for webmasters whom website it hit by Google penguin update. Many times our clients whom website aren't hit by penguin update asked whether to use Google link disavow tool or not for their healthy website. We have suggested them that it could be only used for unhealthy and unnatural links pointing to your website. Before discussing Google disavow tool, make sure use this tool with precaution as it could hamper overall ranking of website. This article has step by step guide for a newbie with the screenshot and best practices including problem faced while using disavow tool.

What is Google Disavow Tool

Google disavow tool is basically used to inform Google about unnatural and unwanted backlinks created for your site. It can be used from verified Goole webmaster account. This tool is not integrated into the account and placed separately to avoid any type of unnecessary use of link disavow tool. Specifically, disavow tool help webmasters to inform Google.

If your website ranking is down and you are unable to remove them, then you can tell Google with the help of link disavow tool to not consider those links while accessing your website.

Where use Google Disavow Tool

Inorganic links are the biggest evil for the performance of website in search engines. These links are either created by webmaster due to lack of latest algorithm update or links created by the third party. As we know that Google gives high important to backlink in its ranking and assume that these links are created naturally but paid links, link manipulation and link exchange are consider as consider as inorganic or unnatural.

Inorganic Links Example

Search engine mark following link building strategy as a inorganic or unnatural links.

  • Automatic link building & exchanging
  • Low quality directory and article
  • Artificial link on blog
  • Paid links
  • Fake Social Media Profiles
  • Blog Commenting
  • Widget Link
  • Footer Link
  • Blogroll Link
  • Forum Signature

Why use Google disavow Tool

This tool is basically used to prevent unnatural links pointing to your website or it has been affected by search quality algorithm such as Google penguin update. You should watch backlinks of your website every six months and isolate all inorganic links hampering your website ranking in search engines. Use disavow tool annually to specify search engines about these inorganic links to prevent any type of manual or algorithm penalty on website.

In the manual action or search quality algorithm penalty, this tool work as a tonic to recover your website from the penalty. Identify all unnatural links created by mistake while promoting your website. Select entire domain if you are unable to identify the page where your website link is present. In the case of known URL, just add that URL for disavow process to recover your website particular keywords or web page from the penalty.

Google Disavow Tool Step-by-Step Guide

Before starting link disavow process, there are few known facts and tips that can assist while executing unnatural link cleaning process and save your money and valuable time. Nofollow links have no importance for search engines. It neither give importance nor harms your website performance. In disavow process, all nofollow links extracted for backlink analysis should be removed from disavow file.

Unnatural Link Analysis

There are many tools present in the market which provides backlinks data in a fancy manner. These backlink tools are free and paid such as, and Moz opensite explorer. We would recommend using Google webmaster tool to export all links of the website. Free or paid backlink tools often include those links which Google didn’t give value to your website. Always work with Google tool to save your money and time.

Detecting Affected Pages

Sometimes Google will take action against certain pages or phrases rather than the entire website. To find out which of your pages could be in trouble use Google Webmaster Tools to discover any phrases or pages which have experienced traffic or ranking drop in recent time:

Collecting & Analysis Unnatural Links

Extract all data from Google webmaster tool in excel. Filter given URLs in A-Z to arrange similar URLs together. This process will help to determine same URLs together. Delete all those URLs from the list which is giving value to your website. Now you have two situations in link manipulation and adding to disavow file. Firstly, there would be specific URL and secondly from the entire domain. Use following syntax for disavow links:

Disavow links from a specific URL

Disavow links from an entire domain


Commenting can be useful for the large file. It helps to separate different groups of links for easy manipulation of the file. You can use “#” in starting of the line for commenting.

Comment Example:
#Blog Comment

In Google disavow tool, txt file used to submit all unnatural links. According to the guidelines of Google, one URL per line should be added in disavow file. You can also use CSV file to submit bad links in disavow process.

After creating disavow file, open the following URL in the browser.
Google Console will give the option to select verified website for disavow process:

google disavow tool 1

Select the website which needs to be disavowed and click on “disavow Links” button. The selected website will be shown in drop down with following warning:

google disavow tool 2

Click on “Disavow links” to proceed further for disavow process.

google disavow tool 3

Select the disavow file and hit the “Submit” button. Successfully uploaded file will be shown on the same screen:

google disavow tool 4

Finally disavow process is completed; now it’s safe to close the browser and wait for 2-3 months to reflect keyword visibility growth in your Google analytic account.

Updating and Deleting Your Disavow List

In disavow process, you cannot upload more than one website, but you can update existing disavow file. To execute this process, just download submitted disavow file, add or remove unnatural links than re-upload using the same process. You can download uploaded file in CSV and Google Docs.

google disavow tool 5
Note: All # comment lines will be removed from Google Docs.

After updating new file, existing file will be overwritten. So always ensure to include all existing unnatural links in final disavow file. If you want to remove existing file and add fresh one then you have the option to delete existing file and add new disavow file.


Google disavow tool should be always used in case of search engine algorithm penalty. Unnecessary use of this tool could impact keyword ranking of website. Google disavow process normally take 2-3 months to reflect its result. After executing this process, there will be no change in the quantity of backlinks but the visibility of keywords will increase over the time. Google will stop giving values to all links placed in disavow file for your website.

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