Internet Marketing Strategies to Grow Business Online

  1. By:Abu Aslad
  2. Published: November 01, 2017
  3. Updated: November 01, 2017
Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategies for small business or large company play important role in generating leads as well building strong brand reputation. There are many companies which don’t know the potential of Internet marketing in generating leads and branding especially, small business owner often don’t position their company website or use internet marketing strategies to outreach their products and services.

Define the Brand

There are many small companies which have no brand. It doesn’t mean that they don't have name, logo and website. All these things don’t help a company to stand out. For example, what comes in mind when we think about Apple, well-designed and innovative products. Exactly, so many small companies so far has come out with individual products and become leader in market. It not so easy to become brand because those companies have staying power in market becomes brand in future. Every company want to become a reputed brand in their niche. To become a brand, something differentiate them from their competitor, something that encourage user buy their products and use their services, something good customer service that bring them back to their services again and again. It doesn’t mean your company cannot become brand. There are some lightweight internet marketing strategies that could help any company to become a reputed brand in its niche and dominate among its competitor.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is most dominant Internet marketing strategy to get traffic and leads.SEO take almost three months to rank all keywords after that it become highest ROI marketing strategy. Search engine such as Google has updated many algorithms in 2016. According to latest update of search engines, on-page optimization play important role in ranking of keywords and creating content based quality backlink from different IP websites helps to get keyword ranking in short interval of time.

In on-page optimization, content of a web page should be more than 300 words and keyword density of targeted keywords should not exceed more than 3%.Integration of blog and adding fresh content tells search engines about freshness of website. All web pages should be updated at regular interval of time. Apply relevant structured data such as product, review and address across the website, integrate website blog with authorship to increase the trust of blog articles. Promote all pages of website from social media sharing button sand do not forget to make responsive design. Adding https security layer for website would be plus point to rank higher in search engines.

Off page optimization also play important role for internet marketing strategies in 2016. Off page optimization process not only help in creating quality backlink but also promote your company website to relevant users who are interested in your product and services. According to latest update of search engine algorithm, backlinks should be created on content based website such as article, press release, guest posting, blog and product review etc. Avoid backlink creation in low page rank directory, social bookmarking and forum sites. Apart from above activities, always keep in mind while creating quality backlinks that backlinks should be distributed among targeted keyword as well as its relevant keywords to avoid any type of targeted keyword over optimization.

Social Media Optimization

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are best source to outreach your product and services. Social media internet marketing strategy increases brand awareness as well as engage users. In social media marketing strategy, you need unique content, images and deals for promotion. Once the content plan is ready than next decide which social media platforms best for your business. Facebook is good for B2C while LinkedIn and Twitter is best for B2B marketing. Do not plan marketing strategy for all social media, just focus on those platform which best suites your business. For LinkedIn and Twitter, use article based content with frequently post update while Facebook and Pinterest will give more engagement from images in content strategy plan.

In 2016, social media optimization has become one the most dominant internet marketing strategies among all types of online promotion. Almost every internet user is somehow connected to social media sites. In social media marketing strategy, share at least four posts per day. Use hashtag(#) of targeted keywords in post, join and engage in relevant groups, follow people of your niche than some of them will follow you after some interval of time and do not forget to share deals and coupons of product and services as lots of people continuously scan social media for special deals.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate banner and social media would be most effective online marketing strategy if done correctly. The best thing about paid marketing is instant branding and traffic. You do not have to wait for few months to get results; your campaign will start within hours on paid media. In paid marketing, most annoying thing about the campaign time and its cost. You should add those keywords which have low bidding and high traffic.

Cost per click (CPC) and display campaign suite best for new business and festive seasons while cost per action (CPA) and remarketing campaigns are used for converting direct leads and traffic. In social media paid marketing, there are various ways to promote your company product and services. Use paid campaign to like or follow your company pages and promote post or offers to users who are willing buy your product or take services from your company.

Email Marketing

Online marketing strategies for email do not provide new customers but it is good for client retention and brand loyalty. Email marketing has 41%conversion ratio. Any fired email should have value For example; you will open any promotional mail when it has offers. It will add value in user’s life because it will help him to buy products at low price. Any type of email communications, whether content or deals must give tangible value to their lives.

Effective internet marketing strategies for email depends upon getting relevant email marketing list and platform to blast email campaign. Apart from email list and platform, time of email blast also impact click through rate (CTR) of email campaign. Blasting email campaign on Monday at 10:00AM would give highest CTR among all days. Purchase relevant users email ID from reputed websites which belongs to your business niche or create email subscription form website blog to grab email ID of relevant users. Email marketing campaigns can further be simplified with the help of email blasting tools such as MailChimp, Email Brain and AWeber etc. You have to add email database and template, rest of the work will be automated by email blasting tool.


At ARcrescent, our experienced internet marketing services provider team has plan out internet marketing strategies for small business as well as big organization. Firstly, we research customer behaviour of any company than create customised marketing plan to get target audience. Our marketing plan not only helps in brand awareness but also help in promoting and creating quality links from reputed websites which also help in SEO activities.

Small business often doesn’t have enough resource to run all type online activities. They should opt most appropriate online marketing channel that suite their business. Start making your business plan that stands out among other competitor. Build relationships with other businesses and share your industry thought and solutions in content. Join your industry related forums and provide solution to the difficulties faced by people in your industry. This activity will help to build loyalty and brand awareness of company. Finally, just create content and share online which solve customers’ problem will ultimately help your company to win online battle with competitor. Do let me know in comments, which internet marketing strategies you have applied to dominate online among competitors.

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